True Story: The IT Manager, Information Security Manager and the Compliance Manager get eaten alive by Russians

This is a true story about 3 managers working for a global company with UK offices nationwide, headquartered in London.


There were 3 managers. The compliance manager, the IT manager and the information security manager working for a global company headquartered in London. They all had their respective jobs with daily tasks performed to the best of their ability.

The IT manager was responsible for ensuring the equipment was integrated into the company and systems delivered. He had made an exceptionally tight network and data security was of paramount importance.

The information security manager had looked at the flow of information across the systems and made sure he had ticked all boxes that he possibly could to ensure that there would be no data breach. Data security was of paramount importance.

Then there was the compliance manager who had ensured that all due diligence had been adhered to. Corporate social responsibility was of paramount importance.

The 3 managers, through the company spent a fortune on ensuring that when integrating these systems and hardware into the company they ensured data security was of paramount importance.

Then came time to refresh and recycle the IT equipment.


Someone from a IT recycling company called and said they will pick the equipment up for them. Bearing in mind these units held accounting information, new company ideas for the forthcoming year, minutes of meetings, personal details, employee whereabouts company turnover, manager salaries and huge resources of information.

As you might expect the van came collected the equipment and they were presented with the certificate within 5 days to say they were WEEE compliant.

Then shortly after, thousands of miles away a group of young documentary making company were out in the sunny beaches of Lagos. Sent out their by their wish of seeing vast electronics markets with thriving wall street culture only watered down by the lack of wealth.

As they trudge to Abuja market in Lagos,  they see thousands upon thousands of hardware units stacked in the street. Some are separated from their hard drives and just the carcass is being smelted for the precious metals inside at the expense of the health of the people doing it.

The hard drives had gone on a journey themselves to a sorting factory where they were auctioned to Russian cybercriminals for their data. This data was used in a variety of ways one of which was a  story regarding the Managing Director leaked from an email. Company profits were used as blackmail for a payment in return for the data. For a while the company was put on standstill and some data sensitive items were used as bargaining tools.

As a result the 3 manager were eaten alive at the board meeting and serious questions were asked about the previously impeccable corporate torchbearers to the point where one of these was relieved of his position.


This was unfortunate for the 3 as they simply hadn’t worked together to ensure that a secure policy was put in place.

This can be avoided by using ADISA accredited companies.

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What is a phablet? are Apple refusing to get phabulous?

Mobile devices range in flavour and colours and grow at different rates globally. Expecting 70% growth over the following 3 years one of these units will produce a £70 billion market and nearly 150 million pieces will be sold according to Barclays analytics.


To put this in perspective it’s 3 times as many Apple iPhones sold last year.

Can you believe Apple do not make one any of these units…..

The device goes under the name of Phablet. It’s a supersized smart phone near the size of a tablet.

The rise of Phabletism

Analysts expect the Phablet to be the computing device of the decade. The combination and accessibility of a Phablet far outweighs the cumbersome turmoil of PC use and removes the constant search for the consumers all encompassing device.

Samsung are making great headway in this market currently but here are a list of other brands currently gathering momentum:




Will they become the redundant minidisc of 2013 ? Will they stay in market and take off?

Yes is probably the answer.phabulous

Whilst consumers imagine them to be large bulky items once they have actually used them and found that they are only used for making phone calls for a tiny percentage of the time that which was not obvious becomes glaringly realistic; its a mobile Phone, PC and media centre and i really will use it because i don’t have to carry two devices.

Emerging markets cannot get enough of Phablets……

It doesn’t seem that Apple are following suit, whats your thoughts on Phablets and Apple refusing to enter this developing consumer monster.

Could the iPad mini soon start making calls? Have your say below…….

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ADISA – University of Glamorgan IT Asset Disposal Training Information Course

The asset disposal & security alliance are distributing their knowledge base through Glamorgan University. This is to outline the business process of IT disposal. As the industry multiplies daily the aim is to educate individuals and companies in safe practice.


Since it’s inception ADISA has been growing from strength to strength. With the support of the UK’s most respected ITAD companies and the unsurpassed circular flow of information the leading disposal experts have ascended into an upper tier of trusted service providers never seen before in the industry,

The aim of the course is to:

  • Better understand what your data protection and environmental responsibilities are with redundant equipment.
  • Learn more about where and how data is stored and therefore how to ensure data is unrecoverable at end of life.
  • Be able to promote sustainable IT by promoting re-use WITHOUT compromising security when assets are released.
  • Be confident that your company’s policy ensures all data is sanitised in a controlled way.
  • Unlock hidden revenue within your IT estate.
  • Learn about operational challenges which need to be overcome to ensure compliance.
  • and much more to become your company’s DISPOSAL CHAMPION

itad glamorgan


If your company is looking for an ADISA accredited ITAD solution there are many accredited companies out there but one of the UK leading ITAD specialists who also wipe smart phones with accreditation can be contacted by clicking the link below:


We will be bringing you more regular articles on the UK ITAD industry and other exciting news from around the world.

Have your say regarding ITAD information/events below in the comments section.

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